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The Metal & Hard Rock From Africa Show

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Some years ago I produced an internet radio show for Dilligaf Radio which was based in Darwin Australia. The purpose of the show was to showcase Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands from Africa. It was a monthly feature on the station. I made a point of featuring bands from Africa only, despite the numerous requests I received from bands all over the world. The way I saw it was that there are untold amounts of Facebook pages, internet radio stations and websites that feature Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands from all over the globe, big names as well as lesser known ones. African bands generally have a huge struggle with regards to internet access and bandwidth issues, my aim was to get them on Dilligaf Radio and expose them to a wider audience, Dilligaf has an extensive fan base and provided the perfect platform to expose these bands to listeners from all over the world.

I did eventually create an hour 'special insert' called 'Africans Abroad' for the show as the requests became overwhelming, however, I only featured bands from other countries that had African members or that were originally from Africa but had since located to other continents. Cheeky but essential in keeping it 'African'. The show ran for a year. There were loads of bands and interviews featured on the show. Check out the links below for more details.

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