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After 8 years he finally got a new neck and is playing again. This guitar has seen many stages, played many gigs and taken many hard knocks along the way. Originally a Fernandes. Still has all the Fernandes hardware but th neck is new, sounds awesome, plays great, still a work in progress.

In the mid 90's after 2 Dogs Funking split up I was unemployed in South Africa, so I took to this guitar with a magnifying glass and the African sun, months of swazi herbals and sunburn, kept me busy for sometime :)

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We Deliver MUSIC to Your Inbox Deangersmith has just released a new single 'Hollywood IS Burning', it's the 9th single from the new album 'Lead Us To Your Taker (Disable The Corrupt).

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Hello Everyone,

In 2020 I started writing some tracks for a project with my life long friend Marq Vas. I've been building my own album for the past year - Lead Us To Your Taker (Disable The Corrupt) which has been going really well, so far I have released eight tracks and have another three waiting to be released. It's been a learning curve to say the least, writing, recording and producing tracks alone is a daunting task.

At various stages throughout the album, on days when inspiration and performance were slow I found the only way to progress was to step away from the album and start riffing new ideas for something else other than what I was currently working on. The result has been amazing, a new batch of songs were born, a full albums worth in fact. At times I thought about using these tracks for the (Disable The Corrupt) album, which means it would have been a double length album. I decided against the idea as the new batch of tracks had their own distinct vibe and look and feel so to speak, which gave me the idea to approach Marq, as you know we have always crossed musical paths since we first met in the mid 80's.

Overjoyed that he was onboard immediately, we started collaborating. We have recorded together before in British Columbia in 2013 with my brother Robi, on a project called Mission Krokodil, Mission being my brothers home town since the late 90's, and Krokodil, well..... we will leave it at that. We had a great time doing that one, it always felt incomplete to me, I have wanted to do more with Marq ever since, besides the bands we had been in separately through the years and shared many stages in South Africa together, there were a few attempts in the UK that never came to fruition due to the both of us travelling around the globe all the time. This time around everything has aligned and we are full steam ahead.

We've completed a couple of the tracks and still have a bunch to work on, which we are, the result is Philistine, a Heavy Metal / Heavy Rock machine. You can check out the progress on our new website (early days) and subscribe if you want to be informed of release dates and the progress thus far.

Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Metal Rules, Music Is Life \m/.

P.S. Vas my brother, here's a thing coming hey :) <3


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