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DEANGERSMITH - LEAD US TO YOUR TAKER (DISABLE THE CORRUPT)  releasing on all major platforms 25 september 2021

Deangersmith - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming

Jack Manfred - Drums

Robi smith - lyrics - 'save yourself or save the world'


These songs were recorded in England & Canada. Some of these tracks were originally written for the band Mouthful of Flies second album, the band split up in 2010. I ended up completing them for this album while living between London and Vancouver.


Deangersmith - Vocals, Guitars

Robi Smith - Bass, Lyrics - 'The Worst Come True'

Vanessa Smithson - Backing Vocals - 'Into Oblivion'

Jack Manfred - Drums

Metal Made Me Do It

Deangersmith - What's Your Story? - 2010


What's Your Story is a collection of songs that were written over the last 15 years, they have been stored on hard drives and never published, you can hear the difference in quality and sound between the tracks. They were written/recorded in South Africa and England, some of them were never completed, I decided to release them as they are in order to move on with newer material.


Deangersmith - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Programming

Nadia Jacobsen - Vocals on 'Lamed Vov'

Adam Thomas - Bass on Lamed Vov

What's Your Story_

Mission Krokodil - 2013

A bit of fun between brothers, this song was recorded in Robi's Living Room,  Mission BC, Canada. 


Marq Vas - Vocals

Robi Smith - Bass, Lyrics

Deangersmith - Guitars

Jack MANFRED- Drums


Mouthful of Flies - Ten : Negative : Sixes - 2007


Ten : Negative : Sixes was recorded in London, all the rhythm tracks were recorded at my flat in West Hampstead, London, the vocals and lead guitar tracks were recorded at Dan's house in Acton, London. The album was reviewed by Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Terrorizer, Rock Sound, Buzzbin, Zero Tolerance and a few other magazines.


Studio Musicians:

Dan Stevenson - Vocals & Guitars / Artwork / Lyrics

Deangersmith - Guitars & Drum Programming, Bass on 'Breeder'

Robi Smith - Bass on 1,2,4, 9, 10, 11

Johan Buys - Bass on 3, 7, 8


Live musicians:

Gav Ward - Drums

Joao Bosco - Bass

Kevin Parker - Drums

Jake Findley - Bass

Jason - Bass

Mouthful of Flies

Brothering - 1997


Recorded at Mega Music Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa, Mixed by Leon 'Sonic Terrorist' Erasmus, produced by Brothering. 

Deangersmith - Vocals & Guitars

Robi Smith - Bass

Tulsa Pittaway - Drums & Percussion


Balance - 1997


Recored at Savage Custard Studios in South Africa by Joe Da Silva.


Nadia Jacobsen - Vocals

Shevaughn Mulder - Backing Vocals

Adam Thomas - Drums

Nicci Jacobsen  - Bass

Jethro Venter - Bass

Nick Nicolauo - Guitars

Deangersmith - Guitars

Balance - Until

2 Dogs Funking - 1993


Recorded at Downtown Studios in South Africa WITH Peter Pearlson. The songs Alright & Mr. VolksieDavidson were recorded on a 4-track tape machine at my house in South Johannesburg, South Africa.


Deangersmith - Vocals & Guitar

Brin Addison - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Neil Ford - Bass

Martin Coetzee - Drums

Clint McKeon - Bass


Odyssey - 1991


Recorded at Universal Studios in South Africa with Philip Nel.


Brin Addison - Vocals & Guitar

Neil Ford - Bass

Lawrence Bailie - Drums

Dean Smith - Rhythm Guitar




The Blast - 1988


Recorded at Universal Studios in South Africa with Philip Nel & Scott Oosthuisen.


Mike Mills - Guitar / Vocals on Not Quite The Same Thing

Vincenzo Vitale - Drums 

NICK WARD - Rhythm Guitar

Terry Goncalves - Bass GuitarGoncalvesBass – Terry Goncalves

Deangersmith - Vocals on 'Little Sister', Backing Vocals on 'Not Quite The Same Thing'


Ragnärok - Troops Of Thunder 1988


Tracks 1-4 recorded in South Africa at Universal Studios AND Inhouse Records. Tracks 5-13 recorded in the basement of my dads house in Gillview South Johannesburg, on a tape recorder and one microphone hanging from the light, tracks 14-15 were recorded live in 1987 at Club Image in Johannesburg by Scott Oosthuizen. 



Deangersmith - Vocals, Drums *14 & 15 & Guitars

Robi Smith - Bass & Backing Vocals

Lawrence Bailie - Drums

Serge Vercammen - Guitars *5 - 13 / Backing Vocals

Dirk Mrozek - Bass *14 & 15