Metal Made Me Do It
Released February 11, 2013

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1. Die Religion Die 

2. Live It Down 

3. Into Oblivion 

4. This Is How We Rock

5. I See Your Curse (Through The Eye In The Back Of My Mind) 

6. It's All Just Metal To Me

7. The Devils Of Loudun 

8. The Worst Come True

Deangersmith - Metal Made Me Do It.jpg

These songs were recorded in England & Canada. Some of these tracks were originally written for the band Mouthful of Flies second album, the band split up in 2010. I ended up completing them for this album while living between London and Vancouver.


Deangersmith - Vocals, Guitars

Robi Smith - Bass, Lyrics - 'The Worst Come True'

Vanessa Smithson - Backing Vocals - 'Into Oblivion'

Jack Manfred - Drums