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The “Philistines” are Dean Smith and Marq Vas. Hailing originally from South Africa, having been part of the Metal scene there since the mid/late 80’s. Dean having served time in a number of pioneering Metal acts back in the day, including, Ragnärok, Odyssey, 2 Dogs Funking and Brothering, Marq fronting the controversial MetalMorphosis, they often played the same stages… Dean and Marq initially first jammed together in the early 80’s, becoming close friends threating to one day deliver a full-on collaboration… A full collab was in the works in the early 2000’s, with both then living in the UK, however Marq relocated back to South Africa… They again churned out a slab of demos whilst both living in Canada, to keep fueling the beast in the mid 2000’s. Finally, the two have joined forces again, now back in the U.K, to unleash their arsenal of Metal messaging upon the unsuspecting public! Their cocktail of sermons, a lethal mix of one simple ingredient, “Heavy Metal”, served straight up, no frills, no fuck around, no pretense and no bullshit – old school! “LONG LIVE THE LOUD!” #LLTL

We are faarkin supa-amped to announce we have finally completed the recording of our debut album! Evidence of the morning after an all-night early morning finish! Now for the mixing - standby for updates!! #Philistine #LLTL

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