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An Evening with KORN

I was gifted a ticket to an evening with KORN in London UK on the 13th June 2022 at the Union Chapel (thanks Flying V).

I've never attended and of these Q&A type events. It was such a good evening and so cool to see these guys talk about their lives and the music they have created, they were so down to earth and open to sharing their experiences, so much so that Jonathan literally broke into tears at one point when thanking the fans for all their support through the years while talking about issues he's been facing all his life and how for the first time he is actually happy. Was really humbling to witness these gents being so candid about it all. If you ever bump into Ray Luzier ask him to tell you the story about his watch and David Lee Roth, I'm still laughing :)

Rock on KORN you guys are mega kick ass!

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