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I planned to 'build'/assemble a baritone and it turned into two guitars :)

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I planned on building a baritone guitar, mainly to use for down tuned song writing in order (among other things) to get the riffs sounding sharper and less muddy. I've written a fair amount of drop tuned songs in the past always using a standard scale guitar with the heaviest gauge strings I could find, which helped a bit but is not ideal.

So I did some reading (a lot actually) and the general consensus was the least hassle would be to use a Fender Stratocaster body for the baritone build and a whole lot of blah blah, well that did not work out for me, I ended up using a tele body and adjusting the bridge position, I used a 30" neck and it worked out very nicely. I ended up getting a genuine Fender neck of the Mexican body and it worked out great too. Check them out below.

Parts used for the strat:

EMG HZ FH 2 (Bridge)

G&L USA Legacy SD Bridge Pickup (Middle)


VT1 VegaTrem Ultra Trem standard

Genuine Fender Mexican Body & Neck

Parts used for the Baritone Tele:

Fenix Single Coil (Neck)

ABM 3250 3D Guitar Bridge

Fenix Tele Body (1989)

Baritone Neck (China)

Sperzel Locking Tuners

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